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  • Google maps not working in PF 3.9

    I'd thought about comparing v3 and v4 files after I posted this. LOL. Great minds? I'm going to try the compare feature in my IDE first. If that doesn't work well, I'll try Beyond Compare. Thanks, guys!! I'm determined to fix this so, of course, I'll post what I discover here for others.

  • TM Tabslider speed

    I'd love to switch to SE (mainly because you and Raymond are there now)! Maybe if I ever get my PF project off the ground and making some $$$ I can afford to buy another script. I really wanted to go with PF3.9 because of it's stability, but the first problem I found, Google maps on Events, is big enough that it just illustrates the writing is on the wall for that version.

    With you guys here, TM's templates, and a few app makers I trust, I think I can bend PF4 to my will. :)

  • SE php or cloud?

    Does anyone have any real-world experience with Social Engine Cloud vs Social Engine PHP?

    Even though I have a PF license and a gazillion dollars in add-ons, I'm considering switching to SE. I would only need the Essential package + a few added apps (Events & Classifieds), so I'm thinking going with the php version would pay for itself within a little more than a year over the monthly cloud payment. But, I like the idea of having all the bells and whistles (if I ever wanted to use them in the future) and, probably more enticing, letting someone else worry about keeping the script and server running smoothly. I've had my own server for years and have always installed and operated the scripts myself... along with the headaches that go along with that.

    Anyway, I'm just curious what others experiences between the two versions might be.

  • PFv3.9 activity feed photos

    Oh, wow. Look at that. I never knew those were connected (I didn't use the HTML5 upload feature before). Kind of weird that those are tied together. As usual data66 has the answer!! Thanks!

  • PF 3.9 or 4.5.1

    Welp, I'm in no big hurry, so I'm going to poke around in v4, which I have installed locally, for a bit. Something that makes it kind of difficult to decide is that I know v3 in and out and up and down... many (MANY) years of working with it. v4 is a brand new beast for me. I need to decide if I want to put in the work necessary to relearn something.

    Thanks for the thoughts so far! :)