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  • GIMP - Free Image Manipulation Program

    Maybe you've heard of GIMP and maybe not but it's one of our favorite free programs for images.

    We use it for logos, avatars, icons and any sort of image stuff we need to do. As Photoshop is so expensive, this free program that does just about everything that Photoshop does, is a great alternative.

    We found that many of the Photoshop tutorials also work for GIMP.

    Might want to give it a try next time you need to make or change images.

    #webdevelopment #website

  • Five Free Ways to Promote Your Website

    Our official BryZar blog has another helpful article. This one helps you find some free ways to #promote your #website as not everyone has an #advertising budget at first.

    You can see the blog here and be sure to subscribe for updates when we add more articles!

    Feel free to post your own #tips here in this thread too or ask us for more articles or tutorials.

  • Tips for How to Find a Developer

    We've recently posted a blog with tips to help you find a developer for customizing your website.

    How to Find the Right Developer for Your Customizations

    Perhaps the tips there will help you find a great developer to do your customizations for your website. You might want to subscribe to our blog and social channels to keep informed of articles, updates, and other info related our BryZar #support and services.

  • Need Help Choosing the Right Hosting for Your Website?

    We just published another blog at our BryZar site. This one deals with how to choose hosting for your website. We give tips for how to decide whether to use self-hosting or hosted versions (if a script company offers both), how to choose the right host and the right plan for your site.


    We hope you find it helpful! Feel free to subscribe to our blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages. :)

  • Free Mobile App Wrappers

    We are revisiting mobile app wrappers. These are tools that let you create mobile apps for your site. They are basic apps and without a lot of the functionality that you would get from purchased, custom mobile apps, however, they should work fine for what most small sites need.

    There's a video tutorial here for how to use one of the app tools we'll link below.

    The three mobile app wrapper sites he mentioned in that tutorial are:

    Mobincube - create mobile app for Android, iPhone and Windows
    Appypie - create mobile app for any device
    Como - create mobile app for iPhone and Android

    There are also the ones we listed in this thread at ScriptTechs main site. mobile app wrappers and some of those are used by some mobile app creators that sell for around $400 - 600 or so.

    Just remember that you still have to pay Apple and Google their yearly fees.