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  • Tips for Safe Upgrading

    We just released another helpful blog for Tips for Safe Upgrading .

    No matter which script you use for your website, you'll need to upgrade it from time to time (unless you pick a script that is not under active development which we don't recommend). The article we linked above will help give you tips to safely upgrade your site.

    If you still aren't sure about upgrading, just get our support plans as we do include that in our plans. Our link to our plans is in the top menu under Order Support.

  • SocialEngine Tutorial - Add YouTube to Video

    ScriptTechs has added another tutorial. This one is for adding YouTube to the Video Plugin. We found the original document at #SocialEngine to be a little outdated so we decided to make our own. Plus, it never hurts to have more tutorials here at our resources.

    You can find the new tutorial here at our knowledgebase.

    Need more tutorials? Feel free to open a new thread to request some. We can make written or video #tutorials for you.

    Need tutorials for your site? You can request a special service via our support as a custom request.

  • Need Help Choosing the Right Hosting for Your Website?

    We just published another blog at our BryZar site. This one deals with how to choose hosting for your website. We give tips for how to decide whether to use self-hosting or hosted versions (if a script company offers both), how to choose the right host and the right plan for your site.


    We hope you find it helpful! Feel free to subscribe to our blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages. :)

  • How to Use Markdown

    This site uses Markdown for formatting. You can add code, image links, site links, etc. using Markdown . We will post a few examples here but please check that link to see all you can do.

    Posting Code Examples

    To post code in a paragraph, use backticks

    your paragraph `put your code` continues here.

    To post code blocks, use 4 spaces or three backticks to wrap the code as normal markdown works.

        <div class="footer">
            &copy; 2004 Foo Corporation



    Posting Links

    To post a link, you just need to format it like this:

    This is [BryZar](http://bryzar.com/ "BryZar Support") inline link with a title attribute.
    [BryZar](http://bryzar.com/) has no title attribute.

    This is how those would look:
    This is BryZar inline link with a title attribute.

    BryZar has no title attribute.

    To link to articles and thing directly on our forum.scripttechs.com (not our main site as it is different) you just need to do it like this:

    See our [Terms](/home/termsofservice/) page for details. Which produces this Terms .

    Inserting Images

    To insert an image, you would first need to have loaded it someplace such as Dropbox or wherever else you might want. Once you have a link to the image, use the following code:

    ![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "Optional title") if you want a title for it. If not:
    ![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg)

    Which looks like the following when we put our image link in:
    avatar test image

    **Note that to use a link from Dropbox you need to change it. After you copy the public Dropbox link to your clipboard, just change ?dl=0 to ?raw=1 at the end of the URL.