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  • Also, I believe other platforms like gofundme do not require that you login/create account. Can it be done that way via SE too?
  • Are you currently (or with the newer version) able to tag someone in discussions in SE?
  • Bumping this back up to see if anyone else has comments re: phpfox vs SE. I'm personally more concerned with security, support services available and setup/admin ease (for a non-coder like myself) rather than lots of bells and whistles. Groups were …
  • I'll create a ticket. Thanks!
  • I don't see how to edit my original post, but I want to update to say I found the INVITE link in the footer. However, when I click it, nothing happens.
  • Well this thread explains a lot. My v3 site basically sat dormant for a couple of years. I'm getting ready to relaunch, now with a fresh install of v4 and trying to get a feel for things. I noticed YouNet has a strong presence (and that their gen…
  • I am just getting familiar with v4 and have a similar question. I was wondering if there are any add-ons perhaps that make the activity feed posts more advanced. I don't expect it to have the bells and whistles of Facebook, of course. For example…
  • Can you do a comparison to phpfox's 4.4 forum, as far as pros and cons? Also, do you know if anyone is doing coding for single sign-on if people do use vanilla but don't want a separate log in for users? Thanks.
  • That does help. I knew captcha would be an issue, but keeping videos w/text in mind is important too. Speaking of themes, I'm playing with bootstrap as I really am going for super basic this time, but I would like a larger header area, in order f…