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  • Raymond Benc Joins SocialEngine!

    That's right! Read all about it here in the blog .

    He joins the team as Lead Developer for the PHP product line. Some of you will recognize him as founder of phpFox. He announced his resignation from phpFox here on this site a few weeks back.

    We're excited to have him part of the #SocialEngine team. :) Welcome aboard @Raymond Benc !

  • My Resignation from phpFox and New Opportunities

    Today, I gave my resignation from phpFox and have left their employ. I felt it important to let everyone know of my departure so that you all hear it from me first. I bear no ill-will towards the phpFox company and hope that they will have many successful years. Though I do still have my client licenses and account at the phpFox forum and at the store, I will no longer answer in their forum. I will miss the community there as I have been a part of it for several years.

    This decision was something I thought through for weeks before making a final decision. I want you all to know that I took a lot of joy in working there in years past, and in helping clients and developers in their forum. That help can continue here on this forum. This decision to leave phpFox does not impact this site or BryZar services at all. We will still service phpFox clients here and in our BryZar support.

    There comes a time in everyone's professional career that they have to make tough decisions in order to achieve greater personal and professional growth. This is such a time for me. Soon, possibly next week, SocialEngine will post an announcement to officially welcome me on board! I'm excited about this opportunity and to be part of their dynamic and fun team. Please do watch their announcements for full details when they post. :)

  • develop a niche social network form sratch

    We are transitioning from support to managed sites. We don't have our site set up yet (right now it just shows the support plans). Since we've not launched the services, it's hard to post here everything but it will be the back end maintenance, plugin recommendations, etc.

  • develop a niche social network form sratch

    Hi Andrea,

    I would suggest to get a platform to start on and use it as your foundation. It takes a lot less time to start up this way.

    I used to work for phpfox and now work for SocialEngine so I have knowledge of each script. The founder of phpFox also works for SocialEngine now.

    I suggest to try the trial versions of each script you are considering. SocialEngine offers a full 30 day trial. Use that time to evaluate. If you decide to purchase, you'll already have the site started as you can use the trial site with your license.

    I moved one of my sites from phpFox to SocialEngine as I wasn't fond of the phpFox v4 product. I plan on moving my other site to SE as well, once I have time.

    Which features do you need? What features can you do without (this is an important question too)?

    Whatever you start with, don't over load the site with features. It will make it a difficult site for users to use and it will load down the site and make it slower for any script.

    For hosting, don't choose a shared plan for any sort of social network as they are dynamic with lots of moving parts. The host I use, now named Cazaratech.com , offers VPS for about $5 per month. They host for any script.

    I hope this has been helpful.

  • Name the SocialEngine Mascot and Win a Free SocialEngine License and Lots More!

    They've announced the winning name, Spencer W. Ebligo! More info at the SocialEngine blog.

    5 runners up were also announced. Great name and congrats to the winners and runners up!

  • Server Setup for IM Module phpfox 4.5.2

    I believe cazaratech.com hosting might do that for their clients. Check with them as their pricing reduced recently.

  • Animated Gifs on Socialengine

    Just an update but there's an amnesty with SocialEngine now to allow anyone to move their accounts from reseller to their own account. http://blog.socialengine.com/2018/04/06/socialengine-reseller-account-migration/ . I know some of you wanted to do that.

  • How to enable comment box in SE for unregisterd user?

    You would want a customization for that. I don't know if any of the advanced comment plugins allow viewing of the comment box. However, guests should be able to see the comments that are already on an article. If so, they'll know that there's a way to comment and would then be encouraged to comment on it by joining. Perhaps you could put a rich text block widget on the page that says to join if they want to leave comments.

  • phpfox v4 menu