How to Stick a Element in Social Engine?

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I am trying, without any success, to stick a sidebar element to scroll together with the main area like the ads from facebook, by example. I already tried several methods like to jquery and javascript, however I couldnt make it work and I am not sure if this is a issue of SE since it already include a Jquery version.

Someone already was successful in this taks?



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  • I haven't played with this sort of thing yet but I can try things on my local. This is not my area of expertise though as jquery, or theme stuff, is just my kryptonite sometimes.

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  • I was able to get it to work on the user image block just as a test. Find the element you want to stick and do this in the css,

    position: fixed;
    top: 0;
  • Needs more tweaking but it did stick it

  • Hi people,

    Sorry delay... seems that I didnt received the notifications about replies.

    The CSS works if there is only one widget in a sidebar, however if the ads is the last widget it will stick in the top and will scroll over other widgets. I usually used jquery plugins with phpfox like "stickjs", but when I try to do the same approach it doesnt work. I will try to take a screenshot about what happens to better clarification.

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  • Which element do you want stuck?

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    Hi People,

    The element that I want to stick is the ads in the image below. Now it is on the top due the visibility, but I want to put it in the end of the sidebar and stick to it scroll along with the feed. I thought that was possible to attach images, however as I cant do it here, I uploaded in my drive.


  • it shows how to put an image in markdown as we don't allow attachments here. I'll look at your image link though.

  • I have it so it sticks to the bottom and scrolls. It goes over the other elements on the page as that it how other sticky things work. Are you wanting it to hide under the other elements in the column?

    I made a custom html block for it. Is that something you can do for yours? For me, in the custom html block, it works with:

    .wrapper {
    position: fixed; 
    bottom: 50px;

    Obviously it needs tweaking but I am not sure this is what you had in mind. I used that wrapper class and put it in the div surrounding the ad I put in the block.

  • The reason I am trying CSS is because it has less conflicts than javascript.

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  • @leandrorocha did that help or did you find a different solution?

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