PHPFox Site email template

Really stupid question... having a brain fart...

Where do I go to edit the template for site notification emails and the like? V3.9 - Thanks!


  • Which portion of the site notification is the fart asking?

    A - Senders Email
    B - Subject
    C - Content (Body)
    D - Delivery - Return Email Address
    E - .... (let me think think about a brain fart)
    F - Fart! Just Fart.

    I suggest you look at "Language Phrases" And / Or Site email.

    Post here and fartness will be resolved. Hmmmm.... pepto bismo for phpfox.

    Worst case scenario, I am sure Dr D. has gloves to do a brain enema.... muahhhahahahahaha.

    Halloween is upon us. Where I grew up, halloween was every week. come home with a bad grade (or homework that your folks did not understand. Like... What is the value of pii or what is 22/7 at the n th level of... or what is the value of x- if x=y+x/z raised to the power of x*+1. )

    Thank you all for listening to my "Brain Fart". I suppose "different farts for different folks" ... lol

    Seriously though. Which part of the notification are you wanting help with?

  • Yeah, phrase manager will handle all of the phrasing in the emails. There is an actual template in theme/frontend/default/template/email.html.php but I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for.

  • Template A'La brainfartiness! Thanks!

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