Display Name vs User Name - PHPFox v3

Hey all

I noticed since upgrading my site to v3.9 from v3.3 that my new members joining are given a username such as profile-190251 whereas their display name is one of their choosing. This is causing issues for them at login as they expect to use the display name which they chose.

Does anyone know where the setting is to correct this? While on v3.3 both would be the same automagically




  • In the user registration, you can set the Disable username on registration to False and so allow them to set their username too. Noting that the displayed name is the name shown on the site and the username is the user login name. For security, it's best for those to be different but it's up to each site owner to do as they need. :)

    The current users would need to edit their account to change the usernames.

  • K I had to tweak the phrase manager so that both fields were asking for the same thing. A display name and a user name is confusing to new registrants so now the Enter a Username and then Re-enter it again...

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