First impressions moving from v3.3 phpfox to v3.9

With the help of the amazing Bryzar staff we finally upgraded our social community to version 3.9 late last week.

I thought I would share my first impressions and feedback from an active, and picky, community.

~ Site speed is very noticeably increased. This in part is due to the script but also a sleek custom template by Template Mechanic and having moved our hosting to PHPFoxSolutions.

~ There are lots of new settings available in admin so I am still working through those and am open to anyone's suggestions for best practices

~ Members LOVE the responsive site and mobile accessibility... but we will build an APP for our community, this is a must.

~ CometChat seems to have smartened up with the upgrade... its running fast and smooth and only have one small linking glitch when you invite people to a group chat

~ Overall - I am happy - we still have many things we want to accomplish but we have seen a big jump in activity on the site and people who have not logged in for awhile are coming back quickly and staying online

HUGE thanks to Bryzar, Scripttechs and PHPFoxSolutions - without you we would have been lost!


  • Thank you! :) Glad you are happy with our services. For settings, we do offer that as part of your services. We can check to ensure the best ones are set for your site. If you prefer though, you can also go through them via the tutorials at ScriptTechs, some posts regarding cache settings I use as many are actually slowing sites so I don't recommend them unless on multiple servers and I don't recall if you are. There are also the archives at phpFox to check. As I'm not sure which way you want to go, I won't go trying to find links atm.

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