page migration

hello data

after activating groups app ...the groups which i had created is not migrating from pages to group app...kindly help...


  • We think it's a bug. You have a lot of groups and they are all in created categories and with the custom url.

  • okay what if i change from created categories to existing or default category the do u thing it will migrate

  • I don't know. There is a 4.4.3 coming but this issue isn't reported, that I know of, in the issue tracker unless you posted it.

  • i posted it in issue tracker..iam confused what to do now....should i delete all those group and start creating new groups in group app or should i wait and incase if i want to wait ..then how long..coz time is the thing i dont have as of now..kindly suggest

  • See what they say in the issue tracker.

  • usually how many days they take to answer...just for information

  • I would expect them to tomorrow or Friday.

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