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  • @JohnJr said:
    I think your wrong data...for all the hatred and time spent posting about it has to be several hundred dollars...maybe even over $1,000. Here is a quote indicating lots of money was stolen

    JohnJr - Data66 can validate the ages of my licences if you so please. And to her point, she missed the close out date by days/weeks.

    My point in all this is... why screw your commitment with a pair of pliars (rather than use a screw driver)? phew...

  • BOYS!!!! I have a migraine. If you all want to smoke meat, bang this or that, etc, etc etc, do it in PM and leave the threads clean of any bashing crap. NUFF Dammit. Yeah I said that.

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  • So you are attempting to say somehow I was paid by phpfox. Well that is incorrect. First I don't know who phpfox really is. I was not happy with the moxi9 change and voiced my opinion about it. But, do I care who they are? No - I do not care as long as the product is improving why should I care. Now, if I find out they are doing something illegal then show me and I will care. But so far V4 is a lot better than I hoped for a year ago when I honestly thought it was over...which I also voiced my opinion on that as well.

    So, I have never been paid. Have I received help from phpfox? Well just basic stuff like go to this help file as I never paid them any money except for the one license I purchased from them and the upgrade fee they use to charge, which they do not anymore (another positive that you and metro somehow forgot). The other three licenses I have I purchased from previous owners and paid phpfox I think 10 bucks a piece for the transfer fee. That other contact accept in the forums which are pubic. So I guess your image really does not apply.

    Now with YouNet owning phpfox trademark I have gone over that before. The previous owner abandon the trademark and YouNet picked it up. This is a fact as it lists that I the trademark site. Why they gave up the trademark I cannot say. I know I didn't renew my company trademark name either because it was price ok for the first several years but then at the 10 year mark they wanted a lot more money and I said forget it...I own the domain and have a LLC so I don't care about the name anymore. That is probably previous owner of phpfox did as well, but then again that is a assumption on my part. Now YouNet was smart by picking it they can use the name which is posted in many locations on the internet with no legal ramifications. Since they own the trademark now...why not create a LLC in the united states as an additional item to protect their future as they have the most add-ons in the market place. That is what smart businessman and businesswomen do...they are proactive. So to me YouNet was smart and I give them credit protecting themselves for the future. I suppose now you will post a picture about me being paid by younet as well.

    Hopefully you will take the time to think and post instead of trying to be witty and a bully anytime your opinion is not accepted.

  • JohnJr... Du'Carlion which conversations are y'all addressing? can we not just all get along?

  • Gosh, I am starting to sound like Lucie.... BOYZ SHUT the front door. Not really! This is healthy stupid conversation. My shrinq calls it STRESS RELIEVER. Love it!

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    Metro, so you didn't pay additional money to have the lifetime support. Ok, I understand your frustrations but any person or business that says lifetime of anything is hoping they grow so large they can either afford it or be happy about it. Phpfox did not grow into large organization...for awhile their I was wondering if they had anyone fixing bugs...and I am not the only one who thought that either.

    Things to remember.

    • Think of all the divorces in the word. At that moment of saying I do should be forever. Looking at the percentage of divorces I would most of the time it does not and that can be a good thing for at least one partner and maybe both. Think about how many times you told a person you would be friends forever or will love forever...are they all still around?

    • Can you name any other company that has given lifetime support on anything for over 50 years...probably not because most business still have to pay for expenses for just opening the door each day and most small business fewer than 10 do not survive more than 10 years because of those expenses.

    • Not sure exactly what you paid for your licenses but probably less than $250 per license. Looking at the current price I would assume their upgrade fee would have doubled as well which they have not been charging for more than a year and half. This alone would have pretty much paid for those licenses you purchased and you still have the ability to use V3 or V4.

    All I am saying is that you are stressing yourself over something that you can't change and they won't change and though it may have been not nice I don't think they did it to rob you as you indicated as they have attempted to get back on track with their business and you know getting anything from a company is always tough.

    It is not might not be the best software out there but it does have potential...although it is taking a long time to get there :)

  • JohnJr - facts are what they are. In '99 I bought 1000 pack licences for Windows 2000 Server. The fear of the doom. I worked for a male grooming company then is south Boston. The company was then bought out... The validation of that agreement still stands today. My peril is what it is. Your thoughts are fair.

  • Sorry Metro, not the same as you can still use phpfox license for V3 or V4. Great example though...but even Microsoft with its billions of dollars has abandon almost 10% of the current computer users out there by not updating XP for the last several years. It blows my mind that there are companies locally here that have over 13,000 employees and they still use XP and even go on ebay to purchase additional pc when needed instead of redoing their in house software. Even the ATM in banks over the past year finally updated their software when reporters finally pointed out the security issues...very sad. But you must realize by now everything is crap and nothing is made to last forever anymore which is also sad.

  • ...does that netigate that fact that you have to honor that which you agreed to? I suggest not!

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  • A user was removed at their request. For those wondering. Vanilla is cool. You can choose to keep the user content, delete the user content, or delete the content and leave a message that it was deleted. I find that awesome really.

  • Who stinking cares about what you find "awesome"???.... Ok, I am going to my corner for the rest of the day. Happy Wednesday y'all.

  • Metro I positive that Kirkus and Data found Vanilla ability to delete user content awesome...not the user who requested to be removed.

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