PHPFox V3 - Add Join a page to new user Not working with verification

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Hi, previously when I had my site set to not require verification of users - this plug in worked as found here - Join a page on log in

Since I've reset it to require verification I tried the changes indicated in the instructions to accommodate that.

Pasted exactly from the page into the box, cleared cache, signed up test users and still so far not working.

I need to verify the what the last part of the last line of code would look like where it reads BRACKET PAGEID BRACKET COMMA, I tried several ways - by removing the bracket and inserting for example, 1, (with 1 being the page id) I also tried leaving the number in the brackets, removing comma and other variations.

Can you please show by example of what that last line of code would read if the group number you want people to be joined to is 1

And also I actually want them to be signed up to two pages - what would that look like if the page numbers were 1 and 28 for example.

Thanks I really hope I get this working - it's imperative that my new members be in these groups.


  • I had answered this in our forum archives. See if the answer still works.

  • Thanks, Yes it was working after that but it stopped working. The only thing I changed was sign ups that required verification.

  • It probably won't work with that then. You might need to contact @Webwolf

  • For adding people to pageId 1 and pageId 2 the entry should look like:

    $iUserId = Phpfox::getLib('session')->get('cache_user_id');
    Phpfox::getService('like.process')->add('pages', 1, $iUserId);
    Phpfox::getService('like.process')->add('pages', 2, $iUserId);

    Please note that you must also change the hook from user.service_process_add_extra to user.component_verify_process_redirection. I tested these originally but have not looked at this since. If it doesn't work after looking at these issues, let me know and I will run some checks on my system.

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