Ubiquity post LeaseWeb take over

Hey All

I have been a long time customer of Ubiquity having a good amount of dedicated, cloud instances and backup services with them. I found the service, up-time and ability to reach them at a moments notice to second to none.

But this was prior to LeaseWeb buying them out. Even though I do see familiar support names come up in tickets I have seen the quickness of response drop off considerably and up-time issues arising weekly, sometimes daily even, with my cloud instances.

I am currently speaking with PHPFoxSolutions as I feel the timing might be right to make a switch.

Anyone else here with Ubiquity seeing the same?


  • Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you are having hosting issues. I've seen this on other hosts that were gobbled up too. Hostgator, Arvixe, etc. Other clients having issues after the buyouts just as you described.

  • I have a few dedicated bare metals with them but have not noticed any change in performance. Maybe because I have the servers across several geographical data centers for failover and redundancy.

    I rarely get to use their support as I self manage all my boxes so I can not comment on their support. I am however concerned with them being taken over by leaseweb since the know phpFox and any time I would provision a server, I would specify that I wanted it built based on running phpFox and also advise the support team who in their organisation to configure the boxes.

    From what I have heard, phpfoxsolutions is a great alternative. Apart from the kudos they have gotten here and at the phpfox site, I don't know much about them.

  • I havent seen issue with any of my managed dedicated boxes, its just my cloud ones. Like you I am spread across a few of the DC's.

  • Just an update to this:

    It's unfortunate due to the history I have had with Ubiquity but I have made the decision to pull all of my services from them and move to someone that has a better understanding / care level when it comes to customer service. (Like Ubiquity used to have)

    This morning I received a strongly worded demand letter for payment from Leaseweb for June's fees. For the last several years this was an automated withdrawal via Ubiquity and one would assume this would still be the case, or that they would have at least sent a notice that auto payments are no longer valid since the take over. To be honest I do not really take notice of money in / money out until we do our reconciliation with our accounting staff so this is not something I would have been prompted to on my end for a couple more weeks.

    LeaseWeb obviously looks at clients as numbers, a source for revenue and not as business owners / people. Not the type of company that fits our companies values or core beliefs by any means.

    PHPfoxsolutions here I come!

  • Wow sorry to hear of your issues with them now. They should have notified you of the late payments and of the changes.

  • You would think - But like I said with all the little things I have experienced since they took over Ubiquity they no longer fit our values or core beliefs so its time to move to a company that does.

  • Final verdict - LeaseWeb is not a service provider I would recommend. Stay away and look at someone like PHPFoxSolutions.

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