PF- Status/Comment Formatting

Since we write... a lot on my site, sometimes large blocks of text can be an issue in comments. We wanted a way to format them a bit to make them easier to read.

My first idea was to allow limited HTML. IE,
IMG tag links

This way, people could bold or italicize their text in places, and if they wanted to post a link to a photo in the comments that would show the preview of the photo to be clicked on, they'd be able to do so.

Unfortunately, allowing HTML in the feed has been known to invite hackers and issues in the past on other sites. We don't need a full fledged editor like the blog has, we'd just like the option to pretty up our comments a little, like to separate verbal/non-verbal actions. To bold something spoken in anger. To italicize something with inflection. Even the images aren't even a super big deal, as I know where are add-ons for that if it's really truly wanted.

Besides HTML, is there any other way to allow this that won't break the site?

I'm on v3.8, with 3.9 patches.


  • I am just getting familiar with v4 and have a similar question. I was wondering if there are any add-ons perhaps that make the activity feed posts more advanced. I don't expect it to have the bells and whistles of Facebook, of course.

    For example, I just copied a FB post I made to my site's activity feed and don't even see an option to edit a post. Only delete.

  • You can't edit a status post yet but you can edit comments. The status post edit is coming though.

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    These work for V4

    [link=] This is![/link]


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