PHPFox Ver 3.9 Checkin Functioning?

Hey all

Trying to get Checkin to work correctly on my Dev site and am not getting it to go as it keeps placing me on the wrong side of the country for my actual location.

Anyone else running this on their sites and is it working? I want to make sure its not a script bug before digging in to much further



  • It depends. I know that ipinfo, , updated their stuff and so I have issues with that showing me in Indiana (on any site that uses it). Then with Google maps, I end up there too. This is because the ISP is based there. It is grabbing that as my privacy is set to not track me for my browser settings. I'm talking about any site using location features.

    It is also possible that the code needs to be updated to use whatever new api stuff has come out. If you find that your location stuff is enabled in your browser privacy, and you show at the right location on other sites that use it, I guess it might need to be updated in the core. I don't use Checkin so I've not tested it in a while.

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