V3: How to embed components (controllers & blocks) within another web app

edited June 2016 in phpFox


I read the articles regarding apps creation (phpFox V3) and understand now how to get access to the modules methods through the API service to provide a "web service" (-> REST). This API allows to get and to manipulate the (raw) data. This is great.

However, what if I would like to reuse the existing UI of a component (controller and/or block) on a different (externally hosted) server like a partial "web app". Is there any recommended approach to do so, i.e. to embed components (i.e. single controllers and/or blocks) including there existing user interface? For instance, display the feed of a given (phpFox) user on the "profile page of this user" which is part of a different (non-phpFox) web app.


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