PhpFox 3+ - mobile view on phone reverts to log in not thumbnails

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Hi I hope I am in the right place for this. I have been quite ill and not on here for a while to come in today and discover the new forum.

Something rather odd happened a few days ago. I went to my site on my phone (as a guest) and rather than showing me the thumbnails, it now only goes to the log in screen when the option to view in mobile is chosen. Link looks like No matter what I do, I can not get it to show the thumbnails to the various sections of the site.

Once I log in - and choose mobile the thumbnails appear.

Any idea what this is or how to fix it?? Shouldn't a guest see the mobile page with thumbnails too? Only a few areas of our site are private. So obviously we want guests on mobile to see areas they can visit.

Thank you for any help or ideas.



  • Welcome back and I hope you are feeling better. Yes,that is the default behavior. It always goes to the mobile login as guests on mobile are not allowed to see the site unless they click the Full Site at the bottom of the login.

  • Thanks! I'll just say I am here and that may be a sign I'm better. :) And Thanks for the answer - wow - maybe I was always logged in on the phone and didn't notice the difference! This is not what I expected for sure. With mobile computing being the fastest growing sector of computer use I find this really discouraging. Why would anyone think this was a good default? (No need to answer just thinking out loud) -- Do you know if any of the templates address this that are available or are we left on our own to hire someone to fix it if it is even fixable without major expense?

  • I use the free base5 responsive theme by TemplateMechanic and disable mobile on my sites so that it is served to any device without that annoying mobile issue. :) Check with him for base5 since it is free.

  • Thank you so much for the tip - I had downloaded but not installed that some time back. Polling my members they preferred a thumbnail icon type of mobile interface. But I do appreciate the input. Hope you are doing well too Data.

  • They can have a thumbnail on their mobile devices if you mean for your site. They just bookmark it to their mobile desktop thingy and it makes an icon. Otherwise, you will need to deal not only with this issue but also with the spammers hiding the spam like they did for my other site. It got Google banned due to that. Took me months to get unbanned. That's when I disabled mobile and haven't had the issue since.

  • I installed base 5 and I like it but I have two problems. I will ask them in another new discussion since it no longer relates to this original subject but thanks for the push to do it.

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