Strange password change

Hello, I have a little question: I have changed the admin password and when i try to log from domain.ext/instal/login it give me a credential error, but if I log in from portal I can either login and go on administration zone.

There is something to fix this strange error?
Thank you in advance!



  • It might be the version you are on. Which version are you using?

  • had issue with 4.10 and still with 5.1.0 p1

  • That's odd as the bug was fixed. Perhaps you need to clear the old password out and do a new one.

  • doing it again you mean? but from user interface or admin interface?

  • It depends on where you set it. There is a user password and an admin password. Many don't use the admin password. I'm not sure which one you set.

  • Well, once I installed socialengine the admin password was the same as login and as admin. But now is working fine I have follow the suggestion and changed on the admin panel.

  • err no talked too early, still same issue hehe

  • Try upgrading to 5.2.

  • You should be able to reach the page to upgrade. If not, there are steps posted at the SE community for how to go in the database and disable the admin password for a temp solution

  • I have 5.2 but the issue is stupid I can reach install from the admin panel going on "packages and "plugins"

  • Sorry for the late reply. Did you solve it? Usually that is from mod_security, or folder permissions or sometimes openbase_dir as that shouldn't be enabled.

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