Installing our Google Translate Plugin for SocialEngine

Note that the only place to get our #SocialEngine Google Translate plugin, is at the SocialEngine Marketplace. It is a free download. If you find it anyplace else, that would be an illegal copy and could contain back doors and malware. Why get an illegal copy when you can get the original free? This plugin is also the one we used to make our tutorial for Creating a SocialEngine Widget.

Our basic installation instructions should get you started. After you have the plugin installed, here's how to configure it to show:

  • Navigate to Appearance > Layout Editor
  • You'll need to either place it in the global header or manually place it on the pages you want it. Our demo has it in the global header.
  • On the right, under Available Blocks, scroll down to Widgets and find ScriptTechs Google Translate plugin.
  • Drag it to the left and place it under or above all of the green blocks that are already there. Click Edit and set the settings as you want them (screenshot below) and Save Changes.
    Google Translate Admin Block

  • Check front end and it will show where you placed it. We like to put it under the rest of the global header blocks.
    Google Translate Front Block

  • You can choose the site default language, to add Google analytics, and/or use multi-language setting. To do so, go back to the Layout Editor as shown above and choose global header or each page that you've placed this on and click to Edit the ScriptTechs Google Translate block. You might want to do this step at the time that you set the block.
    Google Translate Settings

  • We suggest that you leave the "Title" field blank for this block.

  • “Save Changes” when done in the popup edit screen.
  • “Save Changes” again at the Layout Editor screen or your new settings won’t take effect.

Please review the plugin at the SocialEngine Marketplace as a thank you for our work.


  • We'll get this in the SE market this coming week.

  • I'd be interested in this one as well. The problem I see with the Google Analytics ID is that under general settings, there's already a place to do that. So adding it a second time might be a code conflict. Unless you wanted to track separate Google analytics accounts of course. But even then just be careful maybe to only add it once. Other than that, the only concern I have with this plugin is for social engine sites with specific default language as paid modules, might put them out of business.

  • Yes I know it can be an issue for the paid languages but that wasn't my concern as SE is going to be making some language improvements after 4.9. I was more concerned with clients being able to get languages that are not available in the marketplace. Google isn't as good as human translations so a language pack is a better option if available. If not, then this freebie should suffice.

  • edited July 2019

    Its useful to translate pages but only if google get to index them all and not only the default language ones, how do we do that ?

  • What do you mean? As far as I know, it works on all pages of the site that it's put on.

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