Socialengine United

Can't wait for the self hosted version. SocialEngine United is the state of the art of socialengines now, and oh lord how smooth and fancy it is! you must create all the addons also.. the third parts creators are slow, full of issues so you need to pay for the support all the time.


  • Sorry i did not get your review, are you saying united is bad ?

  • SocialEngine Unite is not bad. I'm going to use it for a photography site. My author site will still be on SocialEngine PHP as well. Both products are fine as far as I'm concerned. I think Ramses is saying it's good, "lord how smooth and fancy it is" sounds good to me. Also "state of the art" is good. I believe he's saying that when he does his site in Unite, he won't use third parties and will instead create his own apps.

  • Oh yes it is the state of art! I think i will use it instead socialengine php !!! and yes i am so amazed!

  • @browser75 said:
    Sorry i did not get your review, are you saying united is bad ?

    absolutly the opposite, is G-R-E-A-T and smooth and quick and and and

  • Well so far, they just released a stable version so its hard to be that enthoutiast about it and a lot of module are simply not ready yet, plus you cant self host and export users...its still very limited in terms of what one can every project i have checked around....its in transition and few are fully ready yet...we will stay tuned.

  • can be limited, but it is fluid, no gaps during view changes, it is smart the idea to add during th elogin the choice of topics that can interest, because this help to filter the feeds, I may be too much enthusiastic but i see good potential on it

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