PF-v4.4 Why I have trouble with template overrides

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I really haven't done too much with v4, but when I was trying to get nobots to work, I was exploring using template overrides for the hidden field that could all be done with file uploads. When I looked into it I found that template overrides don't really seem to work with v4.4. It seems like that with v4.4, everything comes up as bootstrap, regardless of which template you use. And then, the template library changes anything with bootstrap (everything) to default.

I believe that it can still be done by using a plugin to test if login is being called and if it is then change the parameter from bootstrap to something else, like 'nobots'. Then I can add the nobots folder to module/user/template/ directory. No need to make a special theme this way and will not get overwritten.

But I still would like to understand themes better. I can't help but feel I am just doing something wrong.


  • I can't get them to work with blocks. Only controllers (pages). I gave up on it for blocks. I think it's bugged.

  • @Webwolf said:
    ........ I can't help but feel I am just doing something wrong.

    welcome to the club..

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