Crowdfunding Plugin

I've had to completely rethink my plans of (re)creating my online community; in fact, I had given up on it. I was going to go with Social Engine as that seems to be preferred now, especially as it concerns support, over phpfox.

I'm still not focused on creating an online community at this time. HOWEVER, what I am looking into is my own crowdfunding site. If this goes well, it could eventually help fund a revamp of the online social networking community.

Is it possible to have a site comprised of strictly one of the plugins such as the crowdfunding plugin, versus having all the community bells and whistles the platform offers?


  • Also, I believe other platforms like gofundme do not require that you login/create account. Can it be done that way via SE too?

  • Yes, you can just load the plugins you want as long as you have loaded anything the plugin requires. Such as Photo plugin if it needs photos.

  • As SE is a social network script, you do need to log in, in order to create stuff. this is best practice to reduce spam too.

  • I should say, you first need to install SocialEngine and then can choose which plugins you want to add to it.

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