How to enable comment box in SE for unregisterd user?

edited August 2018 in SocialEngine

Hi, I have a new Movie community call Molo. We're new and have small members. That's why I don't want to force everyone have to sign in to see article. I just want to show them content and encourage them to engage with us by let them see what they could do "like, comment, share for example". After they submit or interact with the content, I will ask for register.

So I wonder, How I could enable comment box for unregisterd user, and ask them to sign in when they react?


  • You would want a customization for that. I don't know if any of the advanced comment plugins allow viewing of the comment box. However, guests should be able to see the comments that are already on an article. If so, they'll know that there's a way to comment and would then be encouraged to comment on it by joining. Perhaps you could put a rich text block widget on the page that says to join if they want to leave comments.

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