How does SE handle photo cropping?

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I'm preparing a website that will be very heavy on photographs. My first thought was to go with PF4.6 because I already own a license. But after a short time I realized that PF4.6 doesn't handle thumbnails very well. All thumbnails are squares and are cropped in the very middle of the photo. For photos of anything other than people this isn't so bad. But for portraits, the cropping removes the subjects heads!! I can't find an app or theme that will change this. Not good for a site that depends on photos.

In the legacy version of PF(3.9), you can choose whether the photos are all cropped square of if they are simply reduced from the original proportionately... this is perfect! But PF3.9 is old code and no longer supported.

So, I said all that to ask this question: Does SE crop thumbs into squares or does the admin have the option to have the thumbs reduced proportionately from the original photo (like PF3.9)?

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  • We don't have an option but it doesn't cut the head off for photos in the photo section. I don't think it does for profile photos. Did you give the trial a test? You get 30 days free. You could also test at the demo but the upload limits are pretty low.

  • Oh, cool. Thanks. It's odd that even in v3 with Dynamic View on and the thumbnails square, it doesn't crop bad enough to remove the heads. But in v4.6 it's really bad. I did just learn today that if I change the background in the CSS tags from center to contain, it fixes the problem. It's not as pretty, but definitely an improvement. I've come here now to find out how to make that modification without putting my bootstrap.css file in danger. I know you've posted about that before. :)

  • Well it's best to just do your own clone theme and work on that. If you don't need videos for a photo site, and you probably don't, you could just use v3.

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    happened to work out the template override for modules by chance yet in fox V4 Kirkus?
    without editing the damn source code i cant for the life of me make any template changes stick
    despite their improvements that and a few other things is preventing me seeing it as anything of any real use
    it keeps the modules ( all the modules unless v3 ) looking exactly the same as original
    and fox is far from attractive in default the modules even less so

    *modify theme phpfoxv4 *

    you should be able to clone themes in the admincp under themes menu by highlighting the theme in use or using the new themes button in the page heading
    when the theme is cloned it creates a folder under
    everytime i have done this thus far it generates only the base theme file for registration and empty folders
    activating the theme like so will white out the site
    copying the files from the parent theme ( i.e bootstrap ) into your new clone theme will have this fixed
    you can then begin editing the files within the clone theme
    assets/autoload.css and .js are the custom css and js files and will not be rewritten if merging the clone version with updated theme files using admin options

  • Actually I have made some progress overriding/modifying themes in PFv4. It's taken me some time to get used to the new layout, but so far good.

    I found a fix (sort of) for thumbnail cropping problem in the Material Theme. Using the Inspect tool in my browser (I use Chrome) I identified where in the bootstrap.css file the code is for each of the photo thumbnail containers (i.e., Album Covers, Photos, Photos in the activity feed, etc.). I then changed the background-size from "center" to "contain" and I added a background-color, in this case black (#000000). It's not the perfect solution, but it looks much much better then have heads cut off.

  • If it uses LESS, you can use Netbeans to do theme stuff. It has a compiler.

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