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Hi y'all! Yeah, long time no talk to. I've been off on another tangent but have returned to my phpFox project.

I'm using Template Mechanics "Avenue" template on a phpFox 3.9.0 installation. I'm trying to set the speed of his tmtabslider (the default is too fast) and I can't for the life of me remember where that setting is. I thought I had it written down but can't find it. I also thought it was in either:


Does anyone else use his tabslider and would you know where that setting is?


  • I have several of his themes but they are all on my external drive at home. Am still with my dad in florida after mom's passing Wednesday. Let me search on main ScriptTechs and see if I can find the answer.

  • Awww, data. Your mom passed away? I am so sorry. Don't worry about our problems here.

  • Sorry for the waste of time, but I don't need to fix this any longer. It looks like v3.9, being legacy, is not being updated to keep up with other changes out on the interwebs. I just spent 1/2 a day trying to fix the Google Maps API in the Events module only to learn that it's a problem with 3.9 that YouNet isn't going to fix. So, I guess the "stable" 3.9 is no longer "stable." LOL.

    I was going to use v4, but after the upgrade from 4.5.2 -> 4.5.3 broke my site I decided to go back to 3.9. I guess now I'll install 4.5.3 and never update again. :)

  • There's always SE :)
    As for 3.9 it's the most stable one they have but yes, outdated unfortunately.
    Not fond of pf v4 so I can't use it on my sites.
    I am happy with the change I made for my author site, to SE. Lots of goodies. Can't change ScriptTechs main site until we figure out what to do with all of those Articles (Tutorials).

  • I'd love to switch to SE (mainly because you and Raymond are there now)! Maybe if I ever get my PF project off the ground and making some $$$ I can afford to buy another script. I really wanted to go with PF3.9 because of it's stability, but the first problem I found, Google maps on Events, is big enough that it just illustrates the writing is on the wall for that version.

    With you guys here, TM's templates, and a few app makers I trust, I think I can bend PF4 to my will. :)

  • PF4 gunna make you cry
    it did me at least
    pay to play receives a whole new meaning

  • BryZar still offers help for pf clients too.
    When or if you change to SE, there is a discount for those changing from fox.

  • @DuCarlion said:
    PF4 gunna make you cry
    it did me at least
    pay to play receives a whole new meaning

    Really? sigh

    Maybe I'll go back to 3.9. LOL.

  • In all seriousness, I'm sure I can find someone to repair the Events map problem in 3.9... (thinking, thinking, thinking).

  • Start a thread with the issue. Maybe we can all brainstorm. Or ask TM :)

  • Unfortunately, now that I've gone back to 3.9 (and fixed the google maps!!!) I need to now fix the speed of TMs Tab Slider. LOL.

  • Ok I don't have my copy of tm tab slider to help yet. I won't be home until next week. You could send me the files in email if Ric oks it. I have a license for it. If so, pm me and I'll give you my email address or you can also use the support tab at the top and send it in our support desk.

  • Thanks, Data.

    I'm going to poke around some more and maybe get a hold of Ric first. I don't want you to have to do the work for me. I just thought maybe someone would know off hand.

    I had an email exchange from Ric from several years ago where he told me exactly where the setting is but for some reason I've lost it.

  • IIRC it is in the javascript file. One of them.

  • Yeah, I thought so too. I even went back to really old archived emails looking for the answer. I think, actually, I may have asked about it in his old support forum, which is no longer online. Thanks for your help, data. I've got a request into him over at CazaraTech.

  • Ric is going to check on it and get back to me. I'll post here.

  • Great! I do have it in my external drive in case he is too swamped.

  • If I ever needed any service that Ric provides, I would go to him first. His customer service, along with his products and services, are top-notch!

    The setting is here:

    Around line 175 find:
    and change the 3rd parameter (eg. 2000).

  • Yeah he is. I use only my stuff and his.

  • you still alive in there Kirkus?
    hows v3 doing you? you still in it and is it fairly ok to use?
    looked at the new v4 and its improving but still lacks some of the major features of v3 such as menu system and some other stuff
    its available but only through plugins by you know who and even then doesnt give you full control as v3 did
    thinking of trying v3 again so thought id ask knowing you already saved me on the maps if they needed

  • @Kirkus just tagging you for the above post :smile:

  • @DuCarlion said:
    looked at the new v4 and its improving but still lacks some of the major features of v3 such as menu system and some other stuff

    by the above V4 has a menu system but lacks the sub menus and other placement menu's other then main and footer such as the user menu ect
    just to be clear and not create confusion it has none

  • I'm so sorry... I've kind of been off the grid for some months. I guess I missed a notice that I was tagged here. I never intentionally ignore people. :(

    I'm back online and working on a new site. A local niche site. I had set it up using v3 before going on sabbatical ;) but now, picking it up again I'm going to give 4.6 a shot. Even me, as a diehard v3 user, can see how dated the older version now looks.

    I knew the admin center like the back of my hand in v3 and am totally lost in v4. LOL. Currently I'm just feeling my way around the backend while searching for a template/theme (the newish, free, Material template isn't too bad).

  • Templatemechanic still has stuff. They pulled him out of the market without any notice or cause. Check with him if you would like.
    Welcome back!

  • I didn't look for Ric in the PF store I just went straight to his website. I can't imagine what reason they might think they had to do that. His stuff is excellent! His support is excellent! Is he still actively working on PF stuff or has he moved to SE?

  • He's still doing some stuff. There was no reason other than those known in private. ;)

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