Which is best Instant Messaging system?

Hello !!!!

I have search for an IM system and i have see that a lot of people reccomend cometchat, do you think there are better system or is it that good enough? (the system have also white label desktop and mobile apps)


  • If you have the budget for a chat, yes comet is good. IM chat is not for low end servers. Even if you use their hosted, you need a really good server because a chat has to have open connections to the database and update at high intervals.

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    Cometchat has a nice little text chat only plugin in the phpfox marketplace for $49usd
    It contains a lot of their premium capabilities in their lowest priced plan on their website ( check what is needed for your site on sales page ).
    from what i am aware as the admin panel shows settings for the desktop and mobile apps that this version also works with them as intended and it has the download abilities for all the integration scripts so will work in any website if in future you change scripts.
    ( contains branding but removable via template and/or css )

  • Are you on phpfox or SocialEngine? Comet has an SE plugin too.

  • I am on SE but yes I will choose Cometchat then! Tnx a lot for the suggestions and sorry for the late answer had tochange pc so i was busy moving files from old to new for some days lol

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