issue upgrading to 4.10 from 4.9.4

edited February 2018 in SocialEngine

hello! I have a "little" issue upgrading from 4.9.4p4 to 4.10. i Have follow the instructions from Socialengine Support so i have try to install the file socialengine-php-upgrade-4-x-4-10-0-4.10.0.tar but it give me this error:



Any idea how to fix the database? tnx!!!


  • The issue is due to seao plugins modifying source. They added a column to the SE activity and core database which is not something good to do. This is the same column that SE needs in 4.10 and so SEAO needs to update their plugins in order to avoid this duplicate column issue. Please contact them for help.

  • Thank you sooo much i have show them and they have fix quickly for everybody hehe

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