Roll Call

roll call time fellas
who's still alive and kicking
hands up
yous leaving this place turning into a ghost town
makes me sad i cant annoy you



  • I was thinking about you and wondering how you are. :) So, how are you doing? I got my book published.

  • awesome
    i hope it wasnt too difficult
    least now you can really give good working tips on getting it done for your other site members
    im not too bad
    life getting pulled back together good

  • That's great to hear. :)

  • you all suck dead donkey danglers
    other then you data
    rest of you are boring

  • I think we have a lack of active users atm but we do plan to breath some life into this site soon.

  • gimme their phone numbers and ill prank call em till they go mad and return

  • You are always fun lol

  • always crack me up. Here is my phone number...1-900........

  • your alive!!
    we should celebrate
    want some cheese?

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