How to delete mass amounts of members.

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Im just getting used to things SE doesnt have that I had in phpfox. Some of those things are.

  1. The ability to pull up members by sign up date with last login in same search on a certain member level in the same search, ( I realize I can click stats and see but I need to see in the mass list to save time )
  2. Delete more than 5 or 6 of those members at a time without an error page
  3. Delete and have the remaining members of that search populate to be deleted also.

I get about 600 NEW members per month that I need to delete as they abandon their accounts over guidelines I have. I am having to delete them almost 1 by 1 in SE.

I cant really get a detailed search to find ALL of them by member level and sign up date and even if I could, SE wont let me delete more than a few at a time without error.

Is there a fix or plugin for this? ( hate to add another plugin )

If NOT is it possible to run some type of query in the SE database so I can then delete all of them ( Kind of sketchy to do it this way but will if no other option is available ) If so does anyone who where I can pay to get someone to make the query for me?

This has consumed hours of my day and hardly any members are getting deleted and just piling up on my site as dead accounts. I dont see how this can be done in the admin if I cant delete more than 4 or 5 at a time, so maybe have to use database.

also Im unable to see a quick reference to their last login date in same search to determine if they have abandoned that profile.


  • It's best to have a special member level for members that are new and might get deleted. Then, you can just search by that member level and delete.
    I've not seen errors when deleting but we do have that one bug fix coming if there is a member with likes and comments on their stuff.

  • Hmmm, ok ill try that. thanks

  • It appears I cant delete any members that came over in the migration and I cant delete more than 5 or 6 newer members.

  • That's a bug fixed in 4.10 for old members with likes/comments if the likes and comments didn't delete or something.
    For newer members, I'll check my site later.

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