V4.4 Use of Redis

Ok, this may be a dumb question and I am pretty sure I know the answer but just in case they installed something in this last upgrade I thought I would ask anyways.

I look at the documentation on phpfox and it shows you how to turn it on and what standard ip and port to use. So my question is do I have to install redis on my server or did phpfox add an plug in or ad-on in the last update which supplied the files? I am thinking I need to install it with a sudo call on my Linux system. But, I did go ahead and click yes for Redis and put the correct Ip address and waited for the program to crash since I didn't install Redis yet but it didn't. So unable to check to see if it is working or not. The documentation does not mention any install of anything.


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    Guess I answered my own question since a few minutes later the site crashed :)

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    Just to let you know it took only a second or two to fix it. I just deleted PF.Base/file/settings/cache.sett.php and that let me get back into the site and then changed the data cache back to file system and shut off redis under performance. Will work on implementation of that later on :)

  • Yeah you need it all set up. The warnings in the tutorial mention not to enable it without it. Glad you got it restored. :)

  • Didn't see any warning here...but it did tell me about the file to look at if something went wrong.

    or here

  • It said it needed the redis URI entered before enabling it.

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