SocialEngine Releases a FREE phpFox Importer!

edited February 2017 in SocialEngine

Hot off the presses! SocialEngine has a FREE phpFox importer for those that want to change scripts. This importer base code was donated by SocialEngineAddOns and improved by Raymond! I tested it and will be using it to migrate my own sites once I have my things adjusted. It works for v3 and v4 versions. If you go to that link for the free importer, you can see how to get a 10% discount on your license purchase.

What will I be adjusting on my own sites?

I have TemplateMechanic Articles which I used for tutorials on one site and stories on another. All of that is moving into blogs as I don't have time to modify the importer to work with it.

In Groups/Pages, I'll move all blogs into Discussions as SE doesn't have blogs in Groups. You can get an add on for that if you want from SEAO and ask them to add their Pages to the importer as they already have that done.

Same for Videos in Groups/Pages.

Of my own ScriptTechs add ons that I use, I've made Buffer and Uplinks already and will release those in the SE Market soon enough.

Questions? Feel free to ask. :)


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