Realstatistics Malware - Joomla and Wordpress

Checking in on Securi posts, we see another vulnerability impacting Joomla and Wordpress sites. They are calling it Realstatistics and if you have a Wordpress or Joomla install, then you need to be pro-active in stopping this threat.

Keep your site script and any plugins updated at all times. As Securi states in their post:

Another interesting statistic is that 60% of the affected websites are running out of date Joomla! and WordPress, and 90% are on a CMS we were able to fingerprint. From this data I would say that the attacker is likely targeting common vulnerabilities across either platform, and the updated instances are likely residual effects of being in the same environment.

Note however, that the vulnerability being used is likely not in the core, but in the extensible components like plugins and extensions.

Further details for Joomla sites is found here


  • Thank you for this! Both of my Joomla sites have now been updated.

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