Images on server but returning 404

I'm not sure why I do this to myself. I've spent close to a year enjoying my hobby life as an amateur photographer. For some reason I've decided to add the frustration of web site owner to my life again.

I'm using PF 3.9 and images are not displaying anywhere on the site. If a page should display an image, the browser is receiving a 404 Not Found error.

Yet I've checked on the server and the images are there, the paths are correct, file names are correct, and permissions are correct. I've downloaded images from the server and there's nothing wrong with them.

The last time I began work on PF 3.9, last week, I didn't have this problem.

I even reverted the file that I modified earlier in the events module and reverted to the default theme, just to be sure.


(My camera is calling me. :D )



  • Are there any errors showing?
    Does it work to put it in an /images folder in public_html?

  • The only error was the 404 found in the browser developer console.

    I did find the problem, however, and fixed it. Somehow the directory "file" had permissions of 544. I don't know why I had done that, and thankfully I noticed it. I've changed those permissions to 555 and all is good.

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