Server Setup for IM Module phpfox 4.5.2

does anyone know where there is a tutorial on how to setup the IM module in phpfox app IM?


  • can you clarify the question or is it you have found and posted your own answer to it?
    i don't think i personally can help you with this but to myself and perhaps others, it looks to be a self-answered question.
    so if still needing help with this further information might allow one to see it is open and still in need of a response so it is not just passed by by misunderstanding.

    its a bit of a lame tutorial provided so even with the link the question having been answered is still debatable
    is there a specific section of their provided tutorial you are having trouble with if still troubled?

  • I believe hosting might do that for their clients. Check with them as their pricing reduced recently.

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    where do I get the chat server key?
       chat_server_key: server key, remember it to configure in ACP
        redis: information of your Redis server: host, port, and password
    module.exports = {
        port: 3000,
        chat_server_key: "your-chat-server-key",
  • Maybe try cometchat instead. It might use less resources and it's easier to set up.

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    cometchat purchasable through phpfox is a great version also.
    i still have little idea what they removed from their lowest subscription level and for chat rooms, mail and footer chat it works great for a lot less than buying from their site.

    as far as i can work out from the tutorial the chat_server_key is what is entered within the IM modules admin screen within ( ACP ) phpfox administration control panel ( so you invent it? )

    it appears more confusing than needed as described in the tutorial.
    i have not done this process so this is untested

    but try copy a random string id assume numbers and letters using - in place of spaces into both the admin panel module settings in phpfox and the config file being edited
    if both are the same it may well work without further configuration ( no info could mean just that )

    ** this is untested **
    if works try adding symbols to your key also for added security removing if that then breaks

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