Country data to import into PhpFox 3.9.0

Can anyone advise me where to find the country data for import into PhpFox 3.9.0? I deleted most countries before and now need to put them back...


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    include > xml > country.xml
    this appears to be the file you may be looking for
    importing, however........
    seems not an sql import file so may need edits
    a personal assumption is it is a part of installer data for site install or even module perhaps.
    if using a module using country data perhaps in dev site install it, delete all country data, and then attempt a total reinstall of only that module ( uninstall module, delete module, reupload, install )
    cannot say it would work but logic would dictate the site uses the same country tables from the database for any modules as well as site else database load would increase needlessly.
    if the module imports the country data it may be it will import sitewide
    *** this is an assumption and untested personally ***

    xml and sql export for country and country child tables for importing via phpmyadmin

    above left as the concept may be viable n worth looking into sometime

  • Awesome! Thank you soooo much DuCarlion!!!!! Much appreciated!

  • no stress buddy
    be sure to virus scan the package pre use
    is clean but get trusting that ill bite you just to be a butthole

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