Home Page is missing on the menu bar

Core Version:3.7.7(build 2)
PHP Version:5.4.45

1.- Home Page is missing on the menu bar, although on the mobile its displayed.
2.- Feed is missing @Block Manager Controller



  • Check your settings as there is a setting to hide the menu to guests.

    The main feed is on core-index.member if you are looking for the feed block. If you had an add on and disabled the default feed, you would be looking for whatever that block is called instead.

  • Hello data66
    On the Menu Bar the following modules are in display.

    User Stores

    Up to this morning 'Home' was included on that Menu Bar and now its gone, I must have done something and I didn't write down what that I have done ): . I will check my settings to see if there is a setting to hide the menu to guests.


  • Hello data66
    The issue is solved.
    Thank you.

  • How did you resolve it?

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    CMS>Add New Menu>>Product=Core>>Module=Core>>Connection=main

    data66, because ESL with me at times I may not be able to express myself, therefore at times my questions may not be well understood.


  • Meanwhile I forgot how I may remove Member Photo Gallery from front end, please refresh my knowledge.

  • Do you mean from the bottom of the visitor page? I'll get the tutorial for that.

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    Data66 thank you. Pray why paymentwall is not being used as a payment gateway.? This may solve some issues over paypal and similar. Although I don't like it I have to migrate to one other host in a few days times, plus I fail to get services from Bryzar and other vendors.

  • @socialnetworker has a plugin for v3 that he used to sell that I think used that. I might be wrong.

  • Data66 thank you

  • You're welcome. I hope it helps. We weren't able to find a solution yet for our BryZar services as we are changing to managed websites soon. We'll look for something to work with that as it'll be subscriptions.

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