phpFox Bug Impacts Privacy

Our clients (BryZar) are facing a bad bug in phpFox version 4.4 and up. This bug impacts privacy and as we all know, privacy these days is paramount on any website. See the bug here. We let one client know of some more comments he could make on the bug to help them understand it. It seems fairly simple to understand to us.

This can be a big concern for your users. Until it is fixed, we recommend posting an announcement on your site that photo privacy is messed up. Perhaps go to the github and insist on a fast patch fix.

How to reproduce it?

As a user:

  1. Make a photo album that you set to Friends Only for privacy.
  2. Add photos to your album.

What happens?

  1. Friends click to view the album, it's blank. Nothing shows.
  2. Non friends can see all of the thumbnails so it's not private.

We would suggest to either get them to patch it quickly, if privacy is a concern on your site, or choose another script.


  • Note that these sites are NOT friends only communities either.

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    that is a long conversation over there on github and iam still wandering as they have not labelled it yet as bug ...are they sleeping LOL...

  • They appear to have labelled it a bug. Let's hope for a quick fix.

  • Wow I can't believe they are waiting for v4.6 to fix this. I don't recommend using phpFox until this is fixed. At least not above any version with this issue. Test your version.

  • If I recall correctly this was an issue in early V3 or V2 as well

  • I'll test my sites but I've not seen it before, that I can recall.

  • Just tested and can't reproduce it in v3. Didn't test early v4 versions.

  • This is going back a while - I think v2 now that I think about it... regardless not a good bug to have

  • This is still not marked fixed for the next release. You all should be contacting phpFox to get this fixed NOW. It's a very important bug. Privacy these days is extremely important.

  • I think PRIVACY should be number one on everyone's list.

  • I bet webwolf would have a quick fix in a day or two easily. I still use his warhorse JUNK left over script to clear junk from phpfox v3x. He's a phpfox magician.

  • Yes @Webwolf is great. Love his stuff.

  • You are correct...Webwolf is awesome and is one the several people here I will contact to reward if I can ever get my idea to work.

  • Sorry guys. Could not reproduce this error on 4.4.2 build 1. Maybe they fixed it?

  • They've still got it marked a bug. The clients still have the issue but I've not been testing further. Thanks for checking.

  • They marked it cannot reproduce. I'll have to test it again to see as there were several who could reproduce it before.

  • gee, I guess the bug that wasn't able to be reproduced by them is now able to be reproduced. Yeah...

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