How to disable splash page?

I used to know how to do this, but have not worked with phpfox in a while...sorry if this is elementary.

I want users to immediately go into the site without having to login. I want them to see the discussions immediately (like StackOverflow) without seeing a splash page first. Then if they want to contribute to the discussion, they have to sign up or login.

Where is the AdminCP setting for this? I can't find this anywhere.




  • Hi Cheryl,

    If you mean the feed, you used to be able to add the feed to the core.index-visitor page. Try that as you didn't post your version and I don't know if it will still work in v4.

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    Thanks data66! Actually, I mean the landing page or first page that requires you to login. Then once you login, you go into the site. Is there a way to disable the landing page? I am on v. 3.

    When users type my URL in their browser, I want users to see the home page/news feed. (They can see the site, and to post they will need to login.) I realize I may need to do some customizations to make this work, but wanted to see what I can do without customization.

    I looked at your tutorials and didn't see anything related to this.



  • Hi Cheryl,

    If you put the feed block on the visitor page they can see it. Just remember that your users will then not have privacy and many won't like that. They would need to remember to lock their feed posts by selecting the privacy to friends only and some might forget to. There is no way that I know of to make the core-index.member for visitors as it's meant to be a member only page. You could go in the code and do a core edit to allow viewing it and set the guest user group to allowed to view all feeds anywhere in the site.

    Easiest method is just to copy the member browse blocks to visitor page. You'll want to update your privacy terms to let members know it's not private and let members know to set their feed posts to private if they don't want them seen. Also they'll want to set their profiles to private if they don't want their private profile feeds seen if you set that user group setting for guests to view feeds.

    Hope that helps.

  • Extremely helpful, thank you. Exactly what I needed. So appreciate your time, efforts and guidance.

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