phpfox license for sale

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i am putting these many list of items for sale from younet

  1. [V3] - Advanced Marketplace (+Installation)
  2. [V4] - Advanced Event
  3. [V4] - Contact Importer (Contact Importer)
  4. [V4] - Contest (Contest)
  5. [V4] - Feedback (Feedback)
  6. [V4] - Fox Feeds Pro (Fox Feeds Pro)
  7. [V4] - Mobile Application - Android Version (Login Splash)
  8. [V4] - Music Sharing (Music Sharing)
  9. [V4] - Social Publisher (Social Publisher)
  10. [V4] - Video Channel (Video Channel)

and phpfox full version license

everything is in separate email id and once purchased ill provide the email id itself which u can change the password of it.
i have many other 3rd party plugins but have no time to search them and list out here hence iam excluding those and posted only younets product .

altogether ill give away for 500$ no questions asked and you can give your best offer and sometime i may consider



  • I don't think Younet allows you to sell their plugins, don't they charge a fee if you want to change the URL from when you bought their products?

  • i have changed v3 plugins twice for 2 different website and had no issue...u just need to put a ticket and u shud have phpfox script with the URL ur requesting

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