PF 3 and 4 Map not working on Events

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Is anyone else having trouble with the Google Maps not showing on the Events pages? It was a known problem for PF4 but they say it was fixed in the current version, 4.5.2. But it's not working for me in either 4.5.2 or 3.9. It displays in "Pages", just not "Events".


  • @Cespiritual had some nice google maps add ons for v3 and v4 that worked. You might want to check his stuff and see.

    Alternately, use inspect element in Events and see what errors show up.

  • Yeah, cespiritual and I traded messages about his Maps. Plus he has an Easter special going, so that might be the way to go. I just don't really want to pay for something that should be working.

    The console identifies it as a 403 error - Forbidden. That's what it was prior to the update to 4.5.2. They say it's fixed, but not for me. I'll poke around in "Pages" and see if I can find the difference between how it calls the map and how "Events" calls the map.

  • Ok check permissions too. Hard to say atm but if my brain will wake up later, I'll test on my pf test site.

  • OK. I found my problem (and it was MY problem). I didn't have "Google Static Maps API" enabled on my API Key. Once I enabled it the map is displaying fine.

    The last time I did this there was not Developer Console at Google. You simply asked for an API Key and you got one and it worked.

    Anyway, thank you, data, for your help and suggestions. Hopefully this thread will help someone in the future.

  • Thanks for posting your fix. This will help others.

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