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Does anyone know what the setting is in either PF 3.9 or 4.5 that allows/disallows the previous/next links when viewing photos in albums? I can't get prev/next in 4.5 at all. In 3.9 I get them in some albums but not others for admins, and don't have them at all for non-admins. I don't remember this every being an issue. I thought they were always there.


  • hmmm. I believe if you turn off theater mode in pf3 that it will make that work better.

  • Yeah I though that too, but that's not it. Theater mode or not "registered user" doesn't have prev/next. Administrator does. I looked through the usergroup settings and can't find anything pertaining to prev/next.

    Between this and my installation troubles I'm thinking maybe I'm being told to find something else to do with my time. LOL.

  • If a registered user uploads images in an album do they have the buttons?

  • I will play with this tomorrow on my test site.

  • Just looked and mine have the next/previous but theater is enabled on that site atm. I'll check more tomorrow. I looked with registered user on chrome.

  • Even if they upload the photos they still don't have them. Don't spend too much time on it... I may never get a working installation on my server. LOL.

    Thanks for all your help, D.

  • No problem. Perhaps I can help troubleshoot tomorrow.

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