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Where can I find the license for Phpfox v3? I've looked in the original files that I downloaded when I purchased it, but can't find the license for phpfox. There are various license files for FlowPlayer, etc. but I can't find one that states that it is the license for phpfox. I'm trying to undertand if this is a GNU General Public License (I see a file called "GPL- License.txt but I don't think that is for phpfox) or what type of license it is. Thanks!



  • The phpFox license is a copyrighted license that you agreed to on their site. They own the full source code and only give you a license to use it for your site. It is not a GNU license. The license is found here, and is very clear that it is a copyrighted product and that they own the full source code.

  • Did you need to know anything specific that I could help with?

  • Thanks! Someone was asking me, and what you said is what I remembered but just wanted to check. Thanks again!

  • No problem. They also don't allow license sales now.

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