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Hi Donna. Is the new members block apps no longer on the phpfox store? Doesn't seem to work for 4.5.2.


  • I will test it on my site and provide any updated code if needed. I removed many of my apps as I got frustrated with all the changes having to be made.

  • Awesome. Thanks. :)

  • Sorry, bad storms. Will try to get to this before the weekend.

  • I've upgraded to 4.5.2 and it is working for me. What's not working? If you had it installed before, it should still work fine as long as you didn't remove it.

  • It didn't even show up in the app section after the update.

  • That's odd as it's on mine. What did you upgrade from?

  • Oh ok. Yeah it needs a reinstall due to their changing to old coding methods. If you are comfortable putting your site in techie mode, I can send you a zip file of it but let me check on a local to make sure that they didn't remove that method of install.

  • Can always install it manually.

  • ok just a minute

  • You're welcome. It worked fine in my local tests to install manually. I sent you a PM message.

  • If that works fine for you, please also update the thread at fox so clients there know they can still get it here. Thx. :smile:

  • Will do. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

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    I'm trying to edit the css to center the images by via margins on each side but doesn't seem to work. What am I missing or what is a better way to do this?

  • Don't post my code please. You can ask in a ticket and I'll look.

  • Will do. Thanks.

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