PF 3.9 or 4.5.1

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I have a question for my fellow PF users. I'm considering a new website and am curious to know, if you were me, would you go with version 3.9 or 4.5.1.

The reason I'm not simply going with the newest version is because I have hundreds of dollars of add-ons, several of which I will want for the new site, plus templates that I already own for PF 3.9. If I go with 4.5.1, I'll have to purchase new add-ons and a template for it.

Any insight would be really appreciated. :)

(Unfortunately SE isn't an option as I can't spend the money on a new script... I already own the license for PF.)


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    I would use 3.9 and then get SE when possible :). I wouldn't use PF v4. Maybe that's just me but I don't like the issues withPF v4.

  • I would wait another week or so until after this new version comes out. We have been giving phpfox a lot of complaining about the not having at least one stable version this last year before adding anything else and this version was suppose to be out the first week of march but with us complaining so much I am hoping they are spending the extra 3 weeks fixing these lastest issues. currently github says there are about 24 issues with most of them fixed for the next release. Now that is a big improvement from the average of 60-90 we had previously all the time. The problem lately is that we have less bugs but they are bugs users catch right away so it looks like we have more but we don't. I would wait a week after the release and see how many of us complain about finding new bugs and what they are...we may get lucky. Now don't take me wrong I am not implying that somehow the new phpfox is doing better because of less bugs on the github because we all know the previous owners helped fixed probably 90% of the 1885 bugs that are closed which is how a software should improve over time.

    I really like v4 better than v3 now that they have brought back several new items that were old items removed. I think the time saved over installing add-ons and editing css to make it a custom look and stays outweighs the 3-4 hundred spent on a new theme and add-ons if it is only a few...where I have 35 add-ons running on one site and once in awhile I get them all to play nicely...with some hacks of course. Someday when I actually make a penny I will get a copy of social engine and start testing the location feature which my project really needs...but until then I hope phpfox will give me a stable version to get started.

  • At least they finally admitted ownership, I mean Younet.

  • Thanks, JohnJr. That makes sense. I appreciate it!

    @data66 said:
    At least they finally admitted ownership, I mean Younet.

    Right? I wonder why it took so long?

  • Welp, I'm in no big hurry, so I'm going to poke around in v4, which I have installed locally, for a bit. Something that makes it kind of difficult to decide is that I know v3 in and out and up and down... many (MANY) years of working with it. v4 is a brand new beast for me. I need to decide if I want to put in the work necessary to relearn something.

    Thanks for the thoughts so far! :)

  • If you decide on v3, I posted a fix for the phpmailer vulnerability. It's in our knowledgebase found in the top menus. :)

  • I have tested the new version 4.5.2 for some days now. The only issue i have found so far is on the layout side and can be fixed by changing theme or doing some css. Most of the people do not even think about this as an issue... i have not tested all functions but i like the new version. I use the script with a large and active community (v4.4.3 atm) but in 2-3 weeks i think it is time to update.

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