SE php or cloud?

Does anyone have any real-world experience with Social Engine Cloud vs Social Engine PHP?

Even though I have a PF license and a gazillion dollars in add-ons, I'm considering switching to SE. I would only need the Essential package + a few added apps (Events & Classifieds), so I'm thinking going with the php version would pay for itself within a little more than a year over the monthly cloud payment. But, I like the idea of having all the bells and whistles (if I ever wanted to use them in the future) and, probably more enticing, letting someone else worry about keeping the script and server running smoothly. I've had my own server for years and have always installed and operated the scripts myself... along with the headaches that go along with that.

Anyway, I'm just curious what others experiences between the two versions might be.


  • Oh yeah, there's also the fact that data and Raymond are now with SE. I like being loyal too, if I can. :)

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    kirkus iam using SE php and it is way better than phpfox..i moved from phpfox ...just like u i had spent lot of money on fox and 3rd party plugins including android mobile app from younet...but after moving SE iam very happy coz i got a very good 3rd party developer who help me all the time....i can give a demo link to test complete package of SE with 3rd party plugins ....i can help u putting a word to those 3rd party developer to give a good discount or u can talk to them directly and ask them a good discount they will give u

  • I'm using SEPHP on Cazaratech hosting (phpfoxsolutions) and it works fine there. I've a few plugins I made (in the se market) and don't use other stuff so can't say about other plugins. I can't wait for 4.9 as I love the new theme.

    SECloud is more a twitter-esque sort of platform. It's good for a reddit sort of site but it's not something I would use for a socialnetwork with the things we tend to use on those.


    kirkus try this demo has all the plugins installed in that demo...though u may be confused initially as i was confused a lot looking at the menu as it was repeating number of times in the menu bar and later i realized that they were portraying the possible menu styles. test each and every plugins and gimme a feedback regarding it

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    I'd actually spent a little time with SEAO the other day. Not sure how I happened upon it, I think maybe from the SE site. But just spent some extended time there after your suggestion.

    They have some amazing addons. I'd be especially interested in Advanced Albums, Advanced Events, maybe Advanced Forum (I especially like that).

    Can addons like these be used with the Cloud version of SE, or only the PHP version?

    If I end up ditching PF and moving to SE, I'll take a serious look at SEAO. Thanks, vizruta!!

  • They can't be used with cloud. It's a different system.

  • There are free trials of SEPHP and SECloud. You should try them out. :)

  • no you cannot use them with se cloud it can be done only with se php...and note there is one plugin from them called review and rating plugin with the help of that plugin u can create many variants of businesses...u think of a business and u can create almost close to that business and i liked the plugin very much...on top of that SEAO service is real good they solve ur query with smile unlike younet who ask money for everything ...u should talk to sales on live chat with the lady by name Ritu...she will oblige to give u a very good discount unless u ask for it....i purchased complete bundle package with them including android mobile app and SE script aswell....initially i had the impression that i had to buy full version of the SE for all the plugins of SEAO to work then they told me not to buy the full version rather buy the basic version of SE and with that all their plugins will be honest iam very happy customer of SE and SEAO i want to put phpfox and all the 3rd party plugin on sale over here

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