PFv3.9 activity feed photos

I've decided to go with v3.9 for my new site (let the questions begin ;) ).

When uploading multiple photos into an album the upload is announced on the main activity feed on the dashboard. It displays one of the photos then a link underneath that says, "See ## more posts from Member Name." When clicked, each additional photo from that upload is then displayed in it's own feed post. Didn't v3.9 used to show several photo thumbnails (nicely formatted) from the upload in a single activity feed post with a link to the album?

Sorry. I'm rusty and may be remembering things wrongly.


  • Did you enable the html5 mass upload? Make sure you have that one enabled. I'll go test on my site to see. Questions are fine. :) We like quesssstions, doesn't we Preciousssss. LOL. Those that didn't watch LOTR (or read) and Gollum will think I'm nuts now.

  • Oops, I forgot. The html5 mass photo upload doesn't allow them to display like that so it's a trade off. If you want the better upload, you will sacrifice that combined sort of view in the feed.

  • Oh, wow. Look at that. I never knew those were connected (I didn't use the HTML5 upload feature before). Kind of weird that those are tied together. As usual data66 has the answer!! Thanks!

  • You're welcome. Yeah they are as the html5 can't support the multiphoto upload combined thing in the feed. I don't recall the reason. Not sure if that could be improved at some point either. People can still upload multiple images at once with the basic uploader. They just have to pick one at a time during the upload and then click to upload them.

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