Hi guys i have a business club of over 1250 members who want to create Ads on my phpfox v4.5. My question is how many Ads can phpfox show ? Wl there be problem if i enable Ads filter ? Lastly is there any module dat could work as Ads sever whereby Advertiser can see probable ad reach, geo targeting b4 purchasing Ads space.. thanks



  • Hi!

    I tend not to put a lot of ads on a site as it can detract from the user experience. However, you should be able to set as many as you want in it, within reason. I wouldn't set it to show too many per location as it would make the page rather long.

    Ad filters have always had issues as some users don't fill in all of the info. The ad filters require that members fill in everything for their profile, including zip code. If anything is not filled in, the ad doesn't show to those members.

    I don't know of a module to use for views and stats.

  • Okay all i wanted is for Ads to rotate b visible to users at differebt times e.g. ad A be visible to User W whilst af B on user Y at a given time. NB i use CPM system and challengive part is prospective Advertisers no increases so m afraid to face situation whereby many afs r being loaded of which maybe that cause site to load a bit sloe that's why i asked first if lot of Ads loads can affect site. Another thing to remember is users create Ads at own I just Approve them meaning for example 5000 people can create ads per day.. my BiG question again wont that affect site ... ?

  • You would set the setting for how many to appear at once. I suggest keeping it a low setting and test. It's always best to test thing out to see how they work. Make a development site to test on and see.

  • Did you get this resolved?

  • I've used Revive Ad Server for many years. It's open source and has integrated without a problem in my vBulletin forum and in PF 3. I don't know about PF 4, but if you can create custom blocks (or the equivalent in PF 4) to insert the ad server's custom link code it should work for you.

  • Data m still working on that ( maximum ads loading )

  • My other challenge is Ads show only part of ad message though message is below set max characters. it shows about few words only then link. Is there away to show full ad message and link ?

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