Need Help Choosing the Right Hosting for Your Website?

edited August 2016 in Hosting and Server

We just published another blog at our BryZar site. This one deals with how to choose hosting for your website. We give tips for how to decide whether to use self-hosting or hosted versions (if a script company offers both), how to choose the right host and the right plan for your site.

We hope you find it helpful! Feel free to subscribe to our blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages. :)



  • Thanks for the update. Do you work for Cazaratech?

  • No. BryZar is our admin account here. Cazaratech is a separate company not associated with our ScriptTechs or our BryZar. Cazaratech is also phpfoxSolutions, they are changing names from phpfoxsolutions to Cazaratech.

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