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I have migrated my site to CazaraTech / PhpfoxSolutions and have been getting assistance from Ric Z. I use assistance loosely as I started the process on Friday and it is now Wednesday and site still off line.
1 I have had to chase Ric Z. for any action on Monday only to get very poor service.
2 Not All DB were transferred
3 Seems one is still outstanding
4 Complete file structure not transferred. Fixed by me.
5 Site (Live site) still off line
6 Coming from cpanel experience one would think service would be a priority as IHO most use cpanel on servers so help with learning curve would be a given I would think.

So how to resolve and get site up and running???



  • Update Ok site seems to be loaded but loading very slowly.

  • Wait for him to say it is finished as the shared hosting caused issues for the transfer. Shared hosting tends to timeout when transferring so it takes longer to do the job properly. He's done this many times though and does a professional job.

  • Make sure you do not make any changes until he says it's done though. Any changes done can break the transfer.

  • Regarding cpanel. I also used to rely on cpanel before changing my hosting plans. Now, I'm glad it's off. Cpanel has some bugs in it and it takes a lot of resources from the server. I've found that I can do everything I need to with FTP and Phpmyadmin. Also, learning SSH hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I am no expert at it though so I still only do some things via SSH. Not sure if you have SSH access but if so, and if you don't know SSH, perhaps learn it but practice on small things. After the transfer is fully completed though.

  • Ok transfer seems complete there are some issues. Can the site be reverted to a clean install without losing the photos in file and the DB or is it better to deal with each issue. I do not mind rebuilding the blocks as I have backups. Will I lose being able to sign in as a member as this is a cool advantage to check issues. I know I will need to reload the Apps.

  • If you'll update your ticket we can take it from there as I'm not sure what the issues are atm. :)

  • Be careful with log in as member. Only enable it when you need to test things and then disable it. It is not a secure setting.

  • Ok will do still one issue at a time per ticket?

  • Yes please :) biggest issue first.

  • I believe your site is much faster now. Are your issues resolved?

  • Keep in mind the time zone difference - Ric has always come through for us but sometimes communication is a little slow due to his being on the other side of the world

  • Ric has been life saver for me many times. His time works for me since I work all night. It's the best hosting I have ever used! I feel so guilty asking them for help when anyone else won't even reply unless you pay them first.

  • just an update all speed and issues resolved It was a good move to use them as service provider.

  • I'm interested to move there but am worried about the cost.

  • It's the lowest priced vps you can get. only $5 per month or might be $4, I haven't checked pricing recently.

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