Installing our Uplinks Plugin for SocialEngine

Note that the only place to get our #SocialEngine plugin, Uplinks, is at the SocialEngine Marketplace. If you find it anyplace else, that would be an illegal copy and could contain back doors and malware. Why get an illegal copy when you can get the original with support?

Our basic installation instructions should get you started. After you have the plugin installed, here's how to configure it to show:

  • Navigate to Appearance > Layout Editor
  • You'll need to manually place it on the pages you want it. Our demo has it manually placed on the Member Home page in the right column.
  • On the right, under Available Blocks, scroll down to Widgets and find ScriptTechs Uplinks.
  • Drag it to the left and place it under or above all of the green blocks that are already there. Click Edit and set the settings as you want them (screenshot below) and Save Changes. You MUST Edit and click Save Changes when you first install it or this will NOT show up.
    Uplinks Admin Block

  • Check front end and it will show where you placed it.
    Uplinks Front Block

  • You can choose to show or hide each SE default plugin (blog, event, music, etc). To do so, go back to the Layout Editor as shown above and choose the page that you've placed this on and click to Edit the ScriptTechs Uplinks block. You might want to do this step at the time that you set the block.
    Uplinks Settings

  • “Save Changes” when done in the popup edit screen.

  • “Save Changes” again at the Layout Editor screen or your new settings won’t take effect.

Please review this at the SocialEngine Marketplace as a thank you for our work.


  • How much for this? I might get it just because it will remind me of the way boonex adds the same functionality site wide. On one condition, it auto adds support for third party modules. If not, then I already built the equivalent for my website. But very nice idea! I love little mods like this. Especially the intro for this one, priceless.

  • edited March 2018

    It doesn't auto add for third party. Sorry. It is free but it is limited to default stuff.

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